"We're from the internet"

Cranks is a nationwide UK cycling club. Instead of meeting every Sunday morning and riding the same roads we get together several times a year, in different places and to do different things. It may be a trip abroad one month, a UK event the next. We also organise our own rides, but they're different from the typical club run. York to London, for example, or London to Brighton, off-road, overnight. Many of our members are in local clubs too, but like to do things that a bit out of the ordinary from time to time. Things that their traditional club doesn't do.

Cranks Racing

Rad am Ring, Nurburging, 2017

We originated from the Pedal Powered cycling sub-forum of the massively popular PistonHeads UK website. Our initial name choice, PH UK, was accidentally submitted to British Cycling as PHUK and deemed by them to be potentially offensive. Forced to rename, Cranks was selected in an elimination race styled voting session amongst the founding members.

See the Calendar page for a list of this year's planned activities. We have a busy WhatsApp chat group, as well as a Facebook page. The Forum is mostly used for club administration.

The best way to find out more about us is to come on a ride. Soon a contact form will be available on this site, through which you'll be able to get in touch to arrange to do so. Until then, ride on.